Sacred Geometry and The Feminine Principle – 6

feminine principle

We’ve seen how all possible forms (and numbers) originate from 3 basic forms – the point, the line and
the circle. Of these 3, the point is the primal originator. The point, the line and the circle could be
compared to the triune nature of the Divine. The Trinity as understood in sacred geometry.
The point – which has no height or breadth and which occupies no space – could 1 be compared to the
first manifestation of the Unmanifest God, the I AM that I AM. It is pure potential. Can be anything. We
could call it the “source”.

If the point moves in one direction it becomes the line. The masculine principle. If the point expands
equally in every direction it becomes the circle, the feminine principle. So the point, as a point, can
manifest in either way. Of itself, it is beyond gender or polarity.

Let’s examine the line. It has direction. It is “one pointed” – purposeful. We can liken it to the “Will”. Like a
sword it separates space. It divides and sectionalizes the circle. It knows no obstructions. It has its way in
space. The erect phallus is merely a line “made flesh”.

But without a circle – which creates space – the line can do nothing. Only within a circle, the feminine
principle, can it create. The circle keeps the line within certain limits, so that creation can happen.
Otherwise the line would just spend itself in abstract space and accomplish nothing. No forms would be

Let us examine the circle. She is the first manifestation of the feminine principle. The first enclosure of
space. She has no particular direction. All directions are equal to her. Within the circle are infinite
potentialities – myriads of forms and creations are there in potential. But without the line nothing will
happen. She will remain pure potential. An empty space. But with the line, ah, all things are possible to
her. She will have many children.

Very important to realize that the point – the source – the origin – exists – is present – in the circle, the line
and all the forms that emanate from them. God is present everywhere. Only much disguised by the world
of forms.