Sacred Geometry & Zodiacal Circle – 5

zodiacal circle and sacred geometry

As we contemplate our zodiacal circle, and how we arrived at it, we can see that all forms arise from the
division of the circle. All manifestation has its roots in the circle. Take a drive and just observe the
landscape. All the forms you see – from traffic lights, to storefronts, to houses – are all combinations of the
circle (or arc) the line, and the square. Often we will see rectangular structures, but keep in mind that a
rectangle is merely an elongated square. We can find rectangles in our zodiac too. Draw a line between
two signs – 60 degrees. Then draw line between their opposite signs (180 degrees from the first). Connect
the lines and you will have a rectangle.

The division of the circle is also the natural basis for the science of numerology. We interpret the numbers
from the way they divide the circle. Herein lies the real numerology. Its observable. The number one
signifies unity – wholeness – the circle undivided. Absolute unity. The number two arises when we divide
the circle in half. It represents gender, polarity, the opposites, reflection – the two half circles reflect each
other – mirror each other. Two represents duality. Otherness. Me and another. Divide the circle in three
and you get the triangle. Where two represents duality, three represents the union – the connection – of
the opposites. When male and female unite, or when any opposite polarity unites – creation takes place.
Thus the triangle, the three, signifies creativity, energy, passion. Note how the triangle unites both halves
of the circle – how it incorporates both halves into itself. Divide the circle by four and you get the square.
This as we have mentioned represents materialization. The creativity and energy of three becomes
tangible and visible. Five and Seven are not natural divisions of the circle, so we will leave them out of our
discussion for now (they definitely have their meanings, but here we are dealing with the natural division
of the circle). Divide the circle by 6 and you get the two triangles – the Seal of Solomon. One triangle
points upwards while the other points downwards – in opposite directions. This too gives the idea of union
of opposites – spirit and matter, male and female, the career and one’s emotional life – interlaced,
integrated, working together. It represents beauty, harmony and creativity. The two opposite triangles,
when unified, creates form of beauty. Evil is part of the overall beauty and harmony of the cosmos. Matter
is as important as spirit. Everything has its place in the scheme of things. Divide the circle by eight and
you get two squares or the octagon. This, as we have mentioned, shows a super materiality – a double
manifestation – a super practicality. Nine and Ten are not natural divisions of the circle, so we will discuss
this at another time.