Sacred Geometric Form & The Horoscope – 4

sacred geometric form

There is another way to connect the 6 points marked off on the circle. You can connect each point to its
neighbor with a straight line. This will give you a perfect hexagon – another sacred geometric form.
Hexagrams are used to this day to ward off evil spirits. Because it is balanced and because it relates to
the Sun and to the Archangel Michael. It is particularly effective in this regard. (The Amish and
Mennonites of Pennsylvania have these things – but very ornately done and colored – hanging on their
doors for protection.)

Now let’s shift our hexagram by half, keeping the original in place, and just copying (copy and paste) the
new one. You will have a double hexagram or the 12 signs of the zodiac – each point of the two
hexagrams marking off 30 degrees. The same could be done with our 6 pointed star as well. Shift a copy
by half the distance between its points and you will have a 12 pointed star with each section marking an
area of 30 degrees – or a sign of the zodiac.

We can arrive at the zodiac with our squares as well. Go back to our original square. Instead of shifting it
by half (45 degrees), shift it by 30 degrees. Copy your original square and shift it by thirty degrees. Copy
this square and shift the copy by 30 degrees. Again you will find 3 squares marking off 30 degree
segments – the 12 zodiacal signs. Admittedly this is a less natural way of arriving at the zodiac than with
the triangles – it would have been difficult for the ancients to use this method. Most probably they did it
with the triangular method.

Thus we can define our zodiac in two ways – as 4 triangles equally spaced or as 3 squares equally
spaced. The 4 triangles (or triads) would represent the 4 elements (or tatwas) – fire, earth, air and water.
The 3 squares would represent the 3 qualities – Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable – the 3 qualities.