Sacred Geometry and The Horoscope – 3

sacred symbols

The equal armed cross, which arises from the natural division of the circle by 4, becomes the square. All
you do is draw a line connecting each arm of the cross. The square represents the earth plane – the plane
of manifestation – the plane of tangible, concrete things. The esoteric expression of “squaring the circle”
means the ability to make spirit concrete and practical.

Now what happens if we turn our square by 45 degrees? In other words, shift it by half. Leave the original
in place and create a new square at exactly at the midpoints of the lines. You get an octagon – an eight
sided figure. Often we will see this in a chart as two “grand squares”. This enhances the materialistic
abilities in the chart. It is “manifestation plus” or ultra manifestation.


sacred symbols


The square is one natural division of the circle. But there is another way. Take a compass and draw a
circle. (The ancients would have used a stick attached to a string.) Maintaining the same radius, choose
any point on the circle and (using the compass) mark off two points on the circle. Place the compass on
one of the points and mark off two more points. Place the compass on the next marked point and mark
off two more points. Take one of the marks and draw a line to the alternate mark (connect to every other
mark) – you will have a triangle. The Triangle represents creativity, energy, passion – the element of fire.
Connect the next set of marks in the same way – skipping one mark each time – and you will get a second
triangle. Together they form a 6 pointed star – the Seal of Solomon or the Star of David. It is one of the sacred
symbols – not because some religious group has appropriated it – but because it is a natural division of the