Sacred Geometry Symbols And The Horoscope-2

sacred geometry symbols

Earlier we discussed some of the primal forms of the sacred geometry symbols – the point, circle and line. Now we will discuss some of the other forms that arise from these.
With the line we can divide the circle. We section off “space”. Allot to each section certain properties. The
Ancients didn’t possess our modern equipment. They divided the circle in the most natural kind of ways –
in ways where it could be done with the naked eye or with a stick attached to string (a primitive compass)
or stick and a straight edge.

The first division is to cut the circle in half. This will leave two semi circles. Cut these two in half again and
you have 4 equal quadrants. The upper quadrants represent the future – that to which a person aspires. It
represents the “day side” of the Horoscope. His conscious activities. His conscious aspirations. The
bottom two quadrants represent the “night side” of the circle and show a person’s past, his emotional life,
his psychological roots. A person’s aspirations and his ability to achieve them depends on his past and
the emotional support that he has. The past leads to the future.

If we think of the Earth as a circle (its not exactly a circle, but close) we will see the correspondence here.
When the Sun is above the horizon (the upper part of the circle) we have day. When the Sun is below the
horizon (the bottom half of the circle) we have night. So this is where we derive our meanings of the
upper and lower half of the circle.

Also note, that this division of the circle produces the sacred geometric form that we call the “equal
armed cross” – a major symbol in ancient religions. (It is still used in many esoteric fraternities.) It
symbolizes spirit (the vertical line) interpenetrating matter (the horizontal line) in a balanced and
harmonious way. It can also be said to symbolize the perfect union of the masculine and feminine. Note
that its number is 4 – the number of manifestation. Without the unions of spirit and matter, male and
female, there is no manifestation. (To be continued)