Sacred Geometry And The Horoscope-1

sacred geometry

Geometry is the study of shapes. Its literal meaning is “the measurement of the earth” – the shapes of the
earth. Earth is the world of Form and Geometry measures these forms. Sacred Geometry is also about
form and measurement, but with a different attitude. In a way it is similar to the difference between
astronomy and astrology, or mathematics and numerology (we could call astrology “sacred astronomy”
and numerology “sacred mathematics”. Astronomy tells us about the outer forms of the heavens. An
astronomer can tell you when the new or full Moon or an eclipse will occur. He or she can tell all kinds of
information about the substance and size of each planet. But they leave it that. The astrologer is
concerned about the inner meaning of these things. How will these heavenly phenomena affect my life –
the world. Astrology is about meaning, astronomy is about outer things. The same could be said about
mathematics and numerology. The mathematician is mostly concerned with “calculation” – numbers are
just the way we calculate things. But the numerologist is concerned with the inner meaning of number
itself – number as a cosmic force, with definite properties and powers.

Sacred Geometry and The Horoscope

When we look at the Horoscope we will see all the shapes and geometric forms that compose everything
in creation. It is all there. We start with the most primal form – the circle. This has various meanings. It
symbolizes space itself – the field in which everything happens – the container of all. It symbolizes unity –
oneness. Then there is the point – the seed, the center from which the circle emanates. A circle can be
envisioned as a point which expands equally in every direction. A fully developed seed. The symbol of the
Sun in Astrology is a circle with a point at its center. There is much to meditate on just on that.
Move the point in a straight direction and you will have a line. Another primal form. Move the line (as a
whole) and you will have a square or a rectangle. If we look at the world around us we can see it is a
combination of lines and circles in living dynamic motion. (To be continued)