Spiritual Healing

spiritual healing

This is an important subject and there is much confusion about it. Spiritual healing is a bit different from
Mind-Body healing. Often the two are confused. Mind-Body healing is a great thing. It shows much
progress in understanding. Mind-Body healing is about using the mind – using affirmations and
visualizations – to cure the body. Since mind and body are in reality ONE – when the mind is changed, the
body will also change. This is good so far as it goes. But some health problems lie in the mind itself – in
the very deep layers. The conscious mind, which is what is used in mind-body healing cannot reach
these areas – is not even aware of them. Thus a Higher Power is needed – a power which is essentially
“above” the mind – to come in and heal these areas. Now, we are getting into spiritual healing.

Spiritual Healing and Meditation

Spiritual Healing works through prayer and invocation. You invoke your own highest concept of the
Divine and ask it to come into the picture and heal the problem. Meditation – a prolonged focus – on the
Divine and its healing properties is also a form of spiritual healing. Generally, both ways work in tandem.
We pray and invoked, then we meditate.

In reality, ALL disease is due to some spiritual disconnection. With some people (and this can be seen in
the Horoscope) it is more dramatic than with others. But spiritual disconnection is the primal cause for all
disease. The solution therefore is to re-connect as quickly as possible. This connection – like plugging
into an electric socket – will start to restore the flow of healing energy and gradually (though sometimes
quickly) the root causes of the problem (usually in the mind or feelings) are cleared. When this happens,
the physical body gets healed as well.

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