Spiritual Sayings As A Form of Meditation

Spiritual Sayings

Contemplating spiritual sayings is a valid form of meditation. The mind grapples with a spiritual truth and
is thus focused on it. Keep in mind that meditation merely means a “prolonged focus” on one thing.
In all the religious paths it is customary to study the sacred scriptures – or the works of a spiritual writer.
Among the Jews the Torah (bible) is divided into 52 portions (approx) and each portion is the focus for a
given week. In the course of a year, the whole bible is covered. Then the process begins again the
following year. In the course of a normal life time a person has read through the bible 50 to 60 times. This
custom is followed in other religions too – though the length of the portions can vary.


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In our Daily Star Planner (offered for sale here) we follow a similar course. Aside from giving the
information of the Sun and Moon positions, the eclipses, retrogrades, New and Full Moons and the best
times of each day to achieve certain goals (e.g Love & Social, Finance, Speculations and more) there is a
daily spiritual saying – “Thought for the Day”. The serious student will take this thought as his or her daily
meditation. In the course of the year, ALL the sayings will be built into the consciousness.

Spiritual Sayings and Study of Scripture

The main difference between our spiritual sayings – our thought for the day – and the normal study of
scripture is that our sayings are geared to the Astrology of the Day – to the Sun and Moon positions.
These will change year to year. Because it is geared to the energy of the day, the spiritual sayings will
have more power. The student will be able to grasp them better. If he or she takes them as an affirmation
there will be quicker results.