Meditation Mantras

meditation mantras

A mantra is simply a group of words or sounds that evoke inner qualities. They have the power – if one
persists with them – to change a person’s state of consciousness. Since our experience in life depends on
our state of consciousness – this is an awesome power that can change a person’s life.

Meditation Mantras in The East and West

OM is a very popular mantra in the East. It evokes the “primal sound” that existed before creation. Anyone who has
used it regularly can attest to its power. It heals, harmonizes the lower bodies, calms the mind and makes
it receptive to Higher Energy. In the West, AMEN is a very popular and powerful mantra. It evokes a
person’s capacity for faith. So many of the problems we face come from “lack of faith”. AMEN is the cure.
It is no accident that AMEN is used after prayer. When we say AMEN we basically say “I believe” in what
has just been prayed. For those who are attuned to sound chanting of the five vowel sounds – AH – EH –
EEE – OOOO – UUUHHHH – is also very powerful. The vowels are considered the soul of a language,
while the consonants are considered the body. The vowels bring in soul qualities. They also, like the OM,
harmonize the body and quiet the mind.

There are many other mediatation mantras that are used both in the East and the West. Generally they are taken from
sacred scripture – which are considered “divine words”. By uttering Divine Words a person tunes in to the
Mind that uttered them first. One connects with the Divine.

The advantage of these mantras is that they have been charged, over the millenia, with the force, intent
and faith of millions upon millions of people. They have a residual force that one can tap into by chanting
the mantra.