The Mandala Of Heaven

simple mandala

A mandala is a balanced, symmetrical form. Its magical and healing properties derive from this symmetry
and balance. Disease – mental, emotional or physical – can be defined as a lack of balance. The four
elements that comprise the body – and all material substance – are “out of whack”. There is “discord” in
the organism. By looking at a mandala the person “tunes into” balance and symmetry and thus these
energies come into the person. These energies will, eventually, restore the balance in the mind, feelings
and body.

mandala patterns

The Zodiac – A Simple Mandala

The zodiac itself is a primal mandala. A simple mandala. Its twelve sections within a circle, are balanced
and harmonious. It is good to just look at the natural zodiac (without any planets drawn in) for its own
sake. 12 is the number of the Universe, which is what the zodiac symbolizes. And, the Universe, by
definition, means an “orderly whole” – universe means “one word” – one order, one meaning. This “one
word” includes all the other words that arise from it. The Universe is a wholeness – a One-ness. Or as the
religious people say “God is one”.

When we cast an actual Horoscope, when we draw in the planetary positions, we will often see a more
detailed Mandala. The planetary positions, when connected, will create forms, pictures, sometimes
harmonious, sometimes discordant, sometimes a mixture of both (which is usually the case). These mini
mandalas – mini pictures – tell a story. If we see the planets form a giant triangle, we say the person has a
natural gift, a good flow of energy in a certain direction. Sometimes the planets will from squares – 90
degree angles – sometimes rectangles. This denotes a need for action – a need to manifest something big
in the world. A Horoscope is a mini mandala within a larger one. Every shape has its meaning.