Daily Star Planner

The Universe is constantly moving. No two days or two hours in a day are alike! So, on any given day, there are best times for certain activities – for love, for communication, for beauty, for meditation and prayer, for travelling, for scheduling health appointments or interviewing workers, for asking for favors and for speculations. These are given in an easy to read calendar format. One page for each day of the year. You can display the days on your computer, or print out pages as needed. This planner also gives the Sun and Moon positions or each day, eclipse phenomena, Mercury and Venus Retrogrades, and New and Full Moon days. Also there is a THOUGHT FOR THE DAY – based on the Sun/Moon positions for each day of the year. A highly practical tool for daily living. Calculated for South Florida, NYC and London – good for any city on the same or similar latitudes.


London Star Planner

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New York Star Planner

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Sarasota- Miami Planner

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