Donald Trump Progressed Horoscope

The Progressed Horoscope is shown. It is cast for February 1, 2016 the day of the Iowa caucuses – the first of the coming contests.
Please note that the upper half of the Horoscope – the day side – contains ALL the planets. Even by birth he was an “outer oriented” kind of person. 70% of the planets were in the upper half. By Progression it is 100%. So he has become even more outer oriented, more career oriented, that ever before.
Also note where the power in this Horoscope lies – its all in the 10 and 12 Houses. A whopping 80% of the Progressed planets are here. We can drop everything else and just discuss this and we’ll be on the money. The power in the 10 House of career merely reinforces his Natal tendencies. He was career and status oriented by birth and at this stage of life even more so. His ambitions have grown. Now he wants to be leader of the country and the world.
His 12 House of spirituality was strong by birth, but now much, much stronger. He comes across as this rough tough brawler, but he is very idealistic. His run for the presidency is not just another “career” move. There is idealism behind it. One may or may not agree with ideals, but they’re there.
By birth he is a philanthropic kind of person (all strong 12 House people are). But now even more so. This fits in with what we know about him. He is a huge giver to charity. With his Love Planet in the Progressed 12 House, charity events are his main social life.
Another interesting thing to note. By birth his money house is very strong. In this chart it is empty. Now it is true that money is very important to him – Progressed Pluto, the Progressed Financial Planet, is in his 10 House, but its not as important as it was in his youth. We see this on the campaign trail. His policy statements have cost him financially. Many large customers have ceased doing business with him. His talk of a temporary ban on Moslems entering the country has hurt his “brand”. A luxury hotel in the Middle East that used his name, has announced a change. There are all kinds of financial reverberations because of his policies. Yet he holds to them in spite of it. Also he constantly re-iterates that he doesn’t want big donors and has turned down huge sums of money. Not in his usual character – as even he says. He has achieved his financial goals. He can afford to be more idealistic.
One of the problems with this kind of chart is how to blend “worldliness” (the 10 House) with “idealism” (the 12 House). Many people struggle with this. Worldliness demands certain attitudes which are seen as “unspiritual”. One must “get to the top” – succeed at all costs – indulge in the values of the world. The 12 House on the other hand demands other things from us – putting the Divine first, a willingness to sacrifice worldly values in favor of spiritual ones. In the 12 House the soul wants to transcend the values of the world. Some people with this position often opt for a spiritual type career – ministry, being involved in a charity or non-profit, or being involved in some spiritual type cause. Others might pursue a worldly career but remain active in charities and spiritual type causes. For these types just making money and being successful is not enough. They need to be doing something meaningful. Something that benefits all of humanity.
Trump up to now has taken this latter course. He has had a worldly type career and been very involved in philanthropic work. A valid way to integrate the two urges.
Now it seems he wants to go further. It seems to me that he feels that his presidential run is a “spiritual mission” for him. He feels he will achieve idealistic goals through practical means. From this Horoscope, his presidential run is not just about ego-gratification. It comes from a higher impulse. He wants to “save” the country.
There are noteworthy things in this Horoscope. Saturn is pretty exactly on the Midheaven of this chart. This shows various things. He will have to earn his success the hard way. Just being a celebrity with
strong name recognition will not cut it. He has to actually be the best – the most competent – at what he does. This presidential run will not be a cake walk. He will have to sell and demonstrate superior competence to the other contenders. It seems to me this is the road he’s taking. Saturn is ruthless with pretenders, but greatly rewards those who earn their way.

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The other noteworthy thing here is that the Sun, in this chart, the Lord of the 10 House of career, is getting ready to change signs in the next 6 months. It is moving from Leo to Virgo. This would show a change of career. And we see this happening. From businessman and entertainer, he is now a politician. He started the change back in June of 2015, but was contemplating it months before. So he is on schedule. The career planet in Virgo shows a desire to “serve” not just to “get”. He would be more
involved in health matters (he says he wants to repeal and replace Obamacare and often talks about taking better care of the health of veterans). He also talks much about “bringing jobs back to America” which is also a Virgo theme. I would also expect, over the next 6 months that he will tone down his rhetoric – reduce some of the braggadocio. Sun in Virgo is more modest than Sun in Leo.
This career change that we see will happen even if he doesn’t get the nomination.
Let’s take a look at the directed Horoscope.
Again we see an important and impending change. The Progressed Sun is the Lord of the Horoscope in this chart. It is right on the Natal Ascendant – a fortunate position. It show “star quality” – high self esteem and self worth – and much of the bravado (and sometimes “over the top”) statements. This is not a person who “doubts” himself. The Progressed Sun’s move into Virgo shows some personality changes. He will be more “toned down” – more modest in his outward demeanor.
By birth his Ascendant is technically in Leo but so close to the cusp of Virgo as to make him a bit of a Virgo rising too. He is a little bit of both. He seems to me to be very much like a Leo rising, just by observing his behavior. But the Virgo quality is there according to the Horoscope. The Virgo quality will become more and more apparent in coming years.
He is a warrior by birth as we have discussed last issue. But now with the Progressed Sun conjunct to Natal Mars, he is even more so.
His Progressed career planet Venus in Libra is in beautiful aspect with Natal Jupiter – a conjunction. Also in September of 2016 Jupiter will, by transit, will start to make nice aspects to Venus too. These conjunction are not exact – but close. So he has very favorable career aspects now – but he has to make it to September of 2016 first – a big if.
The other noteworthy thing we see here – and this is big – is Progressed Uranus pretty exactly conjunct to his Natal Sun (the Lord of the Natal Horoscope). Now by birth Uranus is close to the Sun so he has always had a Uranian flavor to his personality. But now even more so. This conjunction is within two degrees of orb. He’s not just running for President, he’s leading a revolution. No question, if elected, he will create major, major changes.