The Orlando Massacre

In the early morning hours of June 12, Jihad came to America. Oh, we’ve had it before. There was 9-11, which was much worse, and San Bernardino. It was interesting to read the spin of the “politically correct” but “spiritually incorrect” American Left. The shooter was not a moslem…the NRA caused the terrorism….christians were responsible because they hate gays….religion had nothing to do with this… moslems hate us because we call them names…islamophobia caused the terrorism… it’s a gun problem not a terrorism problem….
The mental gymnastics were a wonder to behold. When we cast the chart for this event, things are very clear. The Horoscope is our “truth detector”.
Look at this chart. Mars the planet or War rules the Horoscope. So, the chart, is already announcing a war like act. Where is Mars? In Scorpio, the sign of death (one of its meanings). It is also the sign of vengeance. And, it has come out that the shooter posted on Face book that he was taking vengeance for US bombing of his country (the ISIS Caliphate). What House is Mars in? The 8 House of death (one of th its meanings). But there’s much more here. The Lord of the 8 House (death) is in the 10 House and is th th the most elevated planet in the chart. Who is the Lord of the 8 House? Pluto, its natural ruler. So the th planet of death was much, much stronger than he usually is. The whole chart screams of death and vengeance.
But there’s much more here. Religion is all over the chart. Religion and Foreign influences. The Moon is on an eclipse point (the Solar Eclipse of March 8). The Moon is conjunct to Jupiter who is both the generic ruler of religion and the actual ruler in this Horoscope. Jupiter is on the North Node, which denotes “excess”. So there was an excess of religious feeling and fervor. The Moon sits on the Arabian Part of “Fatality”. Jupiter is in pretty exact Trine to Pluto, the planet of death and terrorism. No question that this was a religious thing. The astrologer doesn’t need the FBI to tell him whether religion was involved. Now the question is was he ordered by foreigners to do this, or did he act on his own, out of his religious beliefs? This is not clear. It could have very well been ordered or it was inspired by foreign powers but not directly ordered. After I did the chart, I learned that ISIS claimed responsibility. But again did they directly order the massacre?

Orlando Shooting