Donald Trump – An Astrological Analysis

Donald Trump has always been in the news. He is the rare case of the Celebrity businessman – the Celebrity tycoon. This past season he has become the Celebrity presidential candidate and has dominated the news in a way we’ve never seen before. I’d never looked at his chart. But now as a serious – very serious – contender for the Republican nomination – it seems appropriate.
As I study the Horoscope, I’m amazed at how well it describes him. And, as with anyone with a public persona, we see things that aren’t well known.
Donald Trump Natal
The chart is shown above. The birth data is courtesy of Astrodatabank.com.

On the surface, the chart seems neutral. The easy and difficult aspects are equal here. For every challenge, there is something good and vice versa. When we analyze by categories he is a 1.17 – Easy. The Sun, Moon and Ascendant points – taken as a group – are easy. The Rulers of the chart are difficult. The Lord of the Horoscope, the Sun, is Neutral. Out of the 5 ways of looking at the chart, two were easy, two were neutral and only one was difficult. The chart is slightly more easy than difficult. In terms of ease, he is nowhere near the level of someone George W. Bush – whose chart is one of the easiest I’ve ever come across. But neither is it on the level of difficulty of people like Al Gore or Ted Kennedy – both of whom had very stressful charts. Ronald Reagan’s chart was a little bit easier than Donald Trump’s.
Note that he is a Leo rising (almost into Virgo) and he certainly seems more like a Leo rising than a Virgo rising in his behavior and demeanor. He not only has Leo Rising, but the Sun, the Lord of the Horoscope, is in the 10 House. Many celebrities have this kind of configuration (President Obama has it too.) This is th a proud person with star quality, who has a pressing need to be “on top” – in charge. He would be very competitive about this. If someone has a 200 foot yacht, he would want 2 or 3 300 foot yachts. Career and personal status is a major focus here.
People might call him an egomaniac – and its true that his ego is gargantuan – but he is just being himself. This is how he naturally is. He would not only want to run the country but the world as well. He believes he is most qualified to do this. (By the way Obama also feels this way).
Mars right on the Ascendant adds to the ego and self confidence. It gives athletic ability (and I understand that he is a good athlete – especially in golf). He would be a “doer” and man of action – and this is how he describes himself. He likes things to happen quickly and is prone to impatience. He can be too quick to jump into things too. Mars on the Ascendant shows a combative kind of person. He enjoys combat, revels in it. Also note that one of his main campaign themes is “helping the vets”. He would tend to be more aggressive in using American forces if he were President. He’s not someone you can just “push around”.
The “over the top” ego is seen in other ways too. The Lord of the Horoscope, the Sun, sits on the Moon’s north node which denotes “excess”.
He is a “super Leo rising” personality. Macho, with hyper testosterone. He is the antithesis of what is currently in vogue.
In doing this chart I was surprised that there was no earth in the Horoscope. Here we have a tycoon, a successful businessman, and yet there is no earth in the Horoscope. It was a “head scratcher”. Then it dawned on me. He is not a natural manager. He hires good managers and they handle the day to day running of things. This is the only way a chart like this could work. I presume he would be this way if he were President too. He wouldn’t get involved in the day to day details, but would have good managers (people with much earth in the Horoscope) to handle things.
He is more of a strategic thinker. He knows the general direction that he wants to go and leaves the means and methods to others.
Lack of managerial skills is seen in another way too. Saturn, is stressfully aspected. If he does have them, it was something he struggled with. He was not born with the ability. He had to train it through much effort. I still feel that he is backed up by people with strong managerial skills.
It is in the analysis of his finances that we can really see the breathtaking accuracy of the Horoscope. Its all there in the chart.
Mercury (stressfully aspected) is his Financial Planet. Generically Mercury rules communication – sales, marketing, advertising, PR, writing and blogging. He is an amazing salesman. I feel this was more important than the actual products he created. He has a reputation for quality buildings, hotels and golf courses – but without the salesmanship, the PR abilities, it wouldn’t have worked.
He has written books and has made money from them. Even before he announced his run he spent years going around the world and the country giving speeches and seminars (and I understand the fees were quite hefty). Even now as a politician he sort of “commands” the media. I’ve read that thus far (September 14) he has gotten over 50 million dollars of free publicity.
Mercury would rule negotiations. He is known as a great deal maker. Pure Mercury.
Note the power in the money house. This is an important factor. It shows drive – someone who is focused on money matters. It has always been ultra important to him. His chart is basically a “money and career” chart. So he is being true to his nature. Nothing wrong with this. (Not everyone feels this way, but for him, it is so.)
Mercury rules his finances from the sign of Cancer. So he is very involved in residential real estate. But hotels, restaurants and the food business would also be shown here. He owns many hotels and they have restaurants too. So it fits the symbolism.
Mercury rules his finances from the 11 House and this gives many messages. He would have rich th friends and many financial opportunities happen through them. Groups and organizations are very important financially – especially in the hotel business. I wouldn’t be surprised if got into some online kinds of ventures too – it fits right in.
The 11 House rules the electronic media – radio and TV. His shows The Apprentice” and “Celebrity th Apprentice” have been huge hits and earned him huge amounts of money. They also garnered him much free publicity for his other businesses – and so he earned, indirectly, in that way too.
Show business – the entertainment field in general – is very prominent here in the Horoscope. Jupiter, the Lord of the 5 House, is in the money house. So he is definitely earning from entertainment. His many th casinos in Atlantic City (in which he says he earned a fortune) is very much a 5 House activity. He owns th many golf courses – also under the 5 House. I remember many years ago that he owned a sports team th too – also 5 House. (Let’s not forget his Leo rising, which adds to this show business quality).
He himself is a financial risk taker. He enjoys that.
Jupiter in the money house shows other things too. Generally it shows someone who was born into wealth. His father was very rich – a multi-millionaire. So he came from this kind of background. It shows someone who aspires to BIG wealth. Someone with HUGE financial goals. This is not a person who just wants to earn a paycheck and survive.
Jupiter in the money house would show a very generous kind of person. And this seems to be the case. He says that over the years he has given hundreds of millions of dollars to various charities (and politicians). Normally I would take these kinds of statements with a few grains of salt, but here we see it confirmed in the Horoscope. The Horoscope doesn’t give us exact numbers – but it shows a person’s tendencies and disposition.
Jupiter in the money house would show someone who earns from publishing (he has written a few books), from travel (he does much business related travel) and from higher education. I don’t know if he is involved in an educational kind of business, but he probably donates to colleges and universities.
Neptune in the money house also gives us many messages. Neptune is very spiritual. It would show a philathropic nature – which he has. It would show an affinity for the film industry – this hasn’t happened yet, but is likely to happen in the future.
Neptune rules his 8 House of inheritance. And this certainly happened for him. It would show someone th who earns through debt (and he has a reputation for “piling on debt” and through attracting outside investors to his projects. Creative kinds of financing would enhance earnings – and this it seems he was involved in.
The Lord of the 8 House often shows bankruptcy. And, while he never went bankrupt, he did have a th “near death” financial period in the 1980’s. He faced it. It was imminent. I understand that a few of his casinos in Atlantic City declared bankruptcy – but these were separate corporations. Corporations that were publicly owned but which he had stakes in and which he managed.
Neptune in the money house shows someone who understand (or who came here to understand) the spiritual laws of wealth. And it seems that he does. Behind all the bravado and braggadocio is an understanding of where wealth really comes from and who is really behind it – the Divine.
There’s more to say here about finance. His Financial Planet Mercury is “out of bounds” – so in his pursuit of wealth – even from early life – he has gone outside the boundaries of the norm. He could have stayed in Queens and worked with his father and enjoy a comfortable life. Instead he chose to enter the Manhattan real estate market – one of the toughest on the world – against the advice of his father. Also he entered many other businesses that were “outside the boundaries” he had at birth. His pursuit of wealth – his acquisition of wealth – was also “outside the boundaries” of even the normal wealthy person.
Mercury is also the Final Dispositor of his chart. This makes Mercury even more prominent. For him, money influences every area of his life. Money or the lack of it controls everything.
His love life also illustrates the accuracy of the Horoscope. Uranus is his love planet. This shows great instability in love. Often it denies marriage, but just as often it shows a tendency to multiple marriage. Donald Trump has been married three times.
He is someone who likes change and excitement in love. Same old, same old, bores him. Whoever is involved with him has to understand this and give him the change he needs within the relationship.
He married unconventional kinds of women too. Two of his three wives were foreigners – eastern Europe. Ivana was a ski champion – not your run of the mill kind of person. Marla Maples and Melania were both models – also not run of the mill.
I’m surprised he hasn’t had more marriages. He can certainly afford it.
With Uranus as the love planet, a person is often better off not marrying. It favors serial kinds of relationships rather than marriage.
I feel he married because family seems important to him. He has three planets in the sign of Cancer and his Moon is in the 4 House of home and family. I understand that he takes good care of the children th from the various marriages. This would be in line with the Horoscope.
His love planet, Uranus, is also the Lord of his 6 House of health. This gives us many messages. Good th health for him means much more than just “no physical symptoms” – it means a healthy love and social life. If there are problems here he doesn’t feel healthy – and this seems a root cause of health problems.
This desire for a healthy marriage could make him very “perfectionistic” in love. He would (more so in youth than now) tend to search out imperfections and try to correct them. He would tend to be too critical in love. (Again more so in youth than now).
I often hear him say “I’ve been blessed with an excellent memory”. This seems borne out in the chart. He has many planets in Cancer, which rules memory.
I understand that he reads all the papers and blogs every day. He gets up early to read them. This is classic Gemini. They inhale information.
Pluto, the generic Lord of debt, is another planet that is “out of bounds”. Thus his borrowing have been way outside the norm. Since Pluto rules his 4 House, his homes are also not the “norm” – they are larger th than life. Pluto occupies the 12 House so though he seems to have a conventional spirituality (the Sun is th his spiritual planet) he is influenced spiritually by teachings outside of Christianity. Finally, Pluto rules sex, and he certainly has “gone out of bounds here”. (I understand that we was having an affair with Marla Maples while he was still married to Ivana – probably there have been other such trysts that the public
doesn’t know about.)